Do you have what it takes?

Apply and expect an answer within a couple of business days.


Ability to work in a team
Available to do 10 games per day
Diamond 2 or above

Good in English
Resistance to stress

You need to know

We get around 10-12 job applications per day, so we pick only exceptional few.

We ask for the % you are happy to work for because there are people living in poor countries which are more then happy to work with a low percentage. Keep in mind that you entering a low percentage wont increase your chances to hire you.

If you are below Diamond 2 do not apply, we won’t reply your application. Get your own rank higher before you try to get others higher. Our reputation is important.

The screenshot you need to take is to prove you are who you are because we get a lot of Platinum players trying to boost and lie about them being above Diamond 2.

If the answers you provided meet our requirements and you are fit for our team then we will contact you.